Research - Running Python/R applications and containers on the clusters

A lot of scientific applications at UNIL are based on Python or R. Running such applications on HPC clusters can be complex regarding the constraints induced by the use of shared facilities with no administrative rights. This course provides information on how to be autonomous regarding installation/run of Python and R applications on the DCSR clusters (excepted Jura). It also covers the way to run and create Singularity containers to use applications with complex dependencies ont the clusters.


Target audience

Any PhD students, post-docs, researchers of UNIL and CHUV who need to use (their own/open source) Python or R applications on the UNIL HPC clusters


At the end of the course, the participants are expected to:


1 half-day


On a quarterly basis


To be defined or remotely


IMPORTANT: Please register using your UNIL email address!


Course dates and registration


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