How do I ask for help?

Before asking for help please take the time to check that your question hasn't already been answered in our FAQ.

To contact us please send an e-mail to the UNIL Helpdesk at starting the subject with DCSR 



Subject: DCSR Cannot run CowMod on Curnagl

Dear DCSR,
I am unable to run the CowMod code on Curnagl - please see job number 1234567 for example.

The error message is "No grass left in field - please move to alpage"

You can find my input in /users/ulambda/CowMod/tests/hay/

To reproduce the issue on the command line the following recipe works (or rather doesn't work)

module load CowMod
cd /users/ulambda/CowMod/tests/hay/
CowMod --input=Feedtest 


Dr Lambda

It helps us if you can provide all relevant information including how we can reproduce the problem and a Job ID if you submitted your task via the batch system.

Once we have analysed your problem we will get in touch with you.

Recovering deleted files?

This depends on where the file was and when it was created and deleted.


There is no backup and no snapshots so the file is gone forever. 


If it was in your home directory /users/<username>  then you can recover files from up to 7 days ago using the built-in snapshots by navigating to the snapshot directory as follows:

[ulambda@login ~]$ pwd

[ulambda@login ~]$ date
Tue Jun  1 13:59:28 CEST 2021

[ulambda@login ~]$ $ cd /users/.snapshots/

[ulambda@login .snapshots]$ ls
2021-05-26  2021-05-27  2021-05-28  2021-05-29  2021-05-30  2021-05-31  2021-06-01

[ulambda@login .snapshots]$ cd 2021-05-31/ulambda

[ulambda@login ]$ pwd

[ulambda@login ]$ ls


The snapshots are taken at around 3am in the morning so if you created a file in the morning and deleted it the same afternoon then we can't help.

Beyond 7 days the file is lost forever.