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Data Centre Migration 2022

CCT Move 

The following page describes the work going on over the summer to install new resources and migrate existing ones to the new CCT data centre.

Further details including the exact dates will be shared with the affected user groups once this information is known. 

Stage 1 (early summer)

Installation and configuration of Urblauna and the Curnagl extension.

Now that the CCT is finally ready the hardware is in place and is being configured. Behind the scenes there are also major network changes going on to allow for a dedicated research network that will not disturb other UNIL activities and which allows for better connections between experimental data acquisition systems (e.g. sequencers and microscopes) and the DCSR facilities.

Stage 2 (now)

Data migration for Curnagl

New software stack

Once the new storage is in place the data will be copied from Géopolis to the CCT. How long this takes is difficult to estimate precisely and will influence the timing of the following steps.

The new software stack will be put in service on the machines at the CCT with the current one remaining available but without any updates until the end of 2023. At this point we will move to an annual release cycle.

Note on data migration.

The data in /work and /users will be migrated by the DCSR so you have nothing to do. /scratch will not be migrated as it is considered temporary data.

Stage 3 (18th to 22nd August)

Data synchronisation for Curnagl 

Shutdown of Curnagl and switch to the extension

When all data on /work and /users have been copied between the CCT and Géopolis there will be a period of a few days where all Curnagl compute resources will be stopped to allow for final data synchronisation. Once this is complete the new Curnagl nodes will be made available and for a transitional period will provide all the compute resources.

Note: During this period only 24 compute nodes (no GPUs) will be available which is 1/3 of the current capacity. As such please plan ahead and avoid submitting any non essential workloads during this period.

Note: /scratch will not be copied as this is considered temporary data. 

Stage 4 (22nd August until mid September)

Move of Curnagl nodes and storage to the CCT.

Addition of the nodes to the "new" Curnagl

Urblauna in service

The existing machines will be moved to the CCT and integrated in the new Curnagl cluster. This will take the total capacity to 96 machines (8 with GPUs).

To allow for network reconfiguration there will be a second short downtime.

The existing storage will also be moved and integrated with the new system to double the capacity (2PB total for /work)

The new sensitive data cluster will be put in service and Jura users should begin the migration of their data and workloads.

Stage 5 (autumn)

Jura decommissioning

Once the migration to Curnagl is complete the Jura system will be stopped.