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Subject: DCSR Cannot run CowMod on Curnagl

Dear DCSR,
I am unable to run the CowMod code on Curnagl - please see job number 1234567 for example.

The error message is "No grass left in field - please move to alpage"

You can find my input in /users/ulambda/CowMod/tests/hay/

To reproduce the issue on the command line the following recipe works (or rather doesn't work)

module load CowMod
cd /users/ulambda/CowMod/tests/hay/
CowMod --input=Feedtest 


Dr Lambda

It helps us if you can provide all relevant information including how we can reproduce the problem and a Job ID if you submitted your task via the batch system.

Once we have analysed your problem we will get in touch with you.

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