Jura to Urblauna Migration

Migration schedule and deadlines

Once the Urblauna cluster is officially in service the decommissioning process for Jura will begin.

The timescale is still under discussion but we expect that Jura will be fully offline after six months.

Compute migration

Urblauna offers a huge gain in performance and capacity so you are encouraged to transfer your workflows as soon as possible. If you are still using the Vital-IT software stack we encourage you to transition to the new and supported DCSR stack.

In order to allow for straightforward installation of user tools the Curnagl /work filesystem is available in read-only mode on Urblauna.

To be able to use this your PI should create a new project via https://conference.unil.ch/research-resource-requests/ with the following characteristics:

Request field Input

Default project ?  No
Name: (e.g.) Group Software
Short title (shared storage name) (e.g.) software
What kind of data will you reuse or generate ? Normal data

Then select the Storage and Compute bundles - we recommend asking for the following: 

Field Input

HPC Cluster - estimate of the CPU(core) time in Hours 100

File storage - Storage Volume Quota in Gigabytes 

Storage on /work - Storage Volume Quota in Gigabytes 100
Storage on /work - Max. nb of files 2000000

Once provisioned the space will be available under /work in the standard organisational structure. All required software can be installed here and then used directly from Urblauna. 

Data migration

See https://wiki.unil.ch/ci/books/high-performance-computing-hpc/page/urblauna for details about the data spaces available on Urblauna

It is your responsibility to migrate all required data from the Jura scratch and data spaces to Urblauna

The /archive filesystem is visible on both clusters and does not require any migration

The new  /data filesystem has been initialed with the same quotas as on the (old) Jura /data space - if you require more space please contact us via the helpdesk.

In order to move data from the Jura scratch filesystem to Urblauna you can use the u-sftp.dcsr.unil.ch SFTP service - See the SFTP documentation for more information

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