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Tresorit is a file storage and sharing service. It offers enhanced security through advanced access control and data encryption (see FAQ).

This solution has been selected by UNIL since October 2023 for the storage of sensitive research data (LPrD art. 4). UNIL researchers are therefore encouraged to use it. Use is free for researchers up to 2 TB per user. Simply make a request to your data steward as indicated in the FAQ. Please note that the request must be made by a project leader (Principal Investigator as designated in directive 4.5 art. 4). Each new research project is associated with a new application.

In practice, Tresorit takes the form of a web interface, or software to be installed on your computer, which enables you to deposit and share your research data between project members. The data is stored online in encrypted form. It can be synchronised on your computer's hard drive and accessed locally.

A project leader can decide to invite collaborators (from within or outside UNIL). The only constraint is that employees must make an appointment with CI/DCSR staff to obtain their account. A group appointment is possible to speed up the procedure. During the appointment, we will activate your computer's encryption. Note that the appointment is also necessary if your computer is already encrypted.

View of the Tresorit web interface:

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 18.08.17.png

View of the Tresorit software installed on your computer:

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 18.10.04.png

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