How do I use Tresorit?

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Using the web interface

Before using Tresorit at UNIL, you must follow the procedure indicated in the "Who should I contact to request access to Tresorit" section of the FAQ. This includes a face-to-face appointment.

To access the Tresorit online interface, log in at:

If you have forgotten your password, contact us using this contact form. You can also contact the Helpdesk (, specifying "DCSR" in the object of your e-mail.

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Use your mobile phone to retrieve the validation code associated with your Tresorit account (this step was configured when you first logged in).

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You will then reach the Tresorit web interface

Please note that Tresorit will offer you a tutorial including the installation of Android or iOS applications, as well as the possibility of sharing files by link. These steps should be ignored as they are prohibited for UNIL Tresorit accounts.

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Uploading a file to Tresorit

To upload a file to Tresorit, double-click on the folder corresponding to your project to move inside. Then click on the "Import" button and select the folder or files you want. You can also drag and drop your files to the web interface. The data will then be copied to Tresorit online storage.

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Share a file uploaded to Tresorit

To share one or more files with your research colleagues, you need to place them in a folder and configure the sharing options for this folder. Hover over the folder and click on the 'Share' button on the right of the explorer, then on 'Invite members'. All you then need to do is add the email addresses of your colleagues and assign them the appropriate permissions. Please note that a Tresorit account managed by UNIL is required (see FAQ) for all employees.

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