Moving data between different projects

At some point, you might have to move data from one project to another one for various reasons. On NAS DCSR, such move is not possible by default because of a technical limitation.

So depending on the volume of data to move, there are 2 options. But before going further, please check that quotas on destination projects are high enough to receive the data.

Low amount of data (less than hundreds of GB): copy the data

Copying the data between two projects is possible. From MacOS/Windows computer you can just copy a folder from the source project and paste it in the destination project. From Linux computer, you can use cp or rsync commands. Once the copy is terminated, you can remove the data in the source project.

Note: You have to keep in mind that in such situation the copy pass through your computer, so the speed will be limited by the weakest link (usually your upstream network link, especially if this is performed from home). Excepted for very small amount of data, this should be performed from UNIL network with wired connection, or from Curnagl cluster for those who can access it.

Large amount of data: ask DCSR

DCSR can temporarily remove the technical limitation that prevents moving date between projects. If you need to move large amount of data, you can send a ticket to and write something like:

Dear DCSR,
I need to move data between the following projects on NAS DCSR:

  • FAC/FBM/ABC/ulambda/project1
  • FAC/FBM/ABC/ulambda/project2
  • FAC/FBM/ABC/ulambda/project3

Could you temporarily remove the limitation that prevent from moving data between the above projects?
Urusla Lambda

Then, you will be able to cut and paste from MacOS/Windows computer, or tu use mv command from Linux computer.

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