Why is there a DCSR GitLab service and what is it?

What is it?

The DCSR hosted version control service (https://gitlab.dcsr.unil.ch) is primarily intended for the users of the "sensitive" data clusters which do not have direct internet access. It is not an official UNIL wide version control service!

It is accessible from both the sensitive data services and the UNIL network. From outside the UNIL network a VPN connection is required. It is open to all registered users of the DCSR facilities and is hosted on reliable hardware.

Should I use it?

If you are a user of the sensitive data clusters/services then the answer is yes.

For other users it may well be more convenient to use internet accessible services such as c4science.ch or GitHub.com as these allow for external collaborations and do not require VPN access or an account on the DCSR systems.

Groups may wish to use it to host a copy (mirror) of publicly hosted repositories (especially GitHub.com) to ensure that their code remains available in the case of changes to the free service.

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