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Research - Introduction to Linux (commands and tools) for HPC

Objectives of this course

Learn the basic necessities of Linux to use UNIL HPC clusters in a command-line interface mode.

Target audience

Any PhD students, post-docs, researchers of UNIL and CHUV who need to use UNIL HPC clusters but who are not familiar with Linux and command-line interface.


  • Use of the filesystem (move between directories, edit/copy/files files, set specific permissions to files and directories)
  • Use of simple tools to handle data
  • Process management on Linux
  • Concept of I/O redirections and pipes
  • Basis of SSH to perform remote connection/copy
  • Basis of bash scripting
  • Creation/use of compressed archives


1 day


On a quarterly basis


To be defined or remotely

IMPORTANT: Please register using your UNIL email address!


Course dates and registration