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This English translation is not legally binding. Only the French language version is legally validated.

The present policy concerns the treatment by UNIL, in particular the CSE, of your personal data collected within the framework of the captation of the courses and during the evaluation of the lessons (validation, examinations), either as a Zoom user or as a participant in the face-to-face courses. It is dated 13/10/2020.

The present policy relates only to data processed by the University. The use of Zoom, however, also implies the user's acceptance of Zoom's Terms of Use ( and Privacy Policy (, documents that we invite you to read.

The version of Zoom used is version 5.2.2, which includes a GCM-AES.256 encryption that offers increased data protection. For more information:

In the absence of agreement, please refrain from using Zoom's services. Any access and use on your part will be interpreted as acceptance of this policy.

Zoom offers a feature that allows the teacher to record his or her lessons. In order to provide students with the best possible follow-up, the use of this feature is highly recommended, but not mandatory. If the teacher wishes to use it, it is allowed only if it is done locally on the hard disk of the computer used by the teacher to teach the lesson ("save to computer" option).

Recording a lesson using the cloud option is prohibited. Should it nevertheless occur, the User shall be solely responsible for the risks incurred and shall be liable for any prejudice that may result for UNIL from the recording of courses on the cloud option proposed by Zoom ("record on the cloud" option), which he hereby undertakes to compensate in the event of a violation of this prohibition.

1. Personal data collected

When you create a user profile and then log in to Zoom, the following personal data is obtained via SWITCHaai :

a. first name;
b. surname;
c. e-mail address;
d. Institution (University or University of Applied Sciences);
e. membership of the UNIL groups;
f. profile picture (optional)

Some uses of Zoom may require the live broadcasting in a virtual room of your image and/or your voice, or even those of third parties involved in the delivery of a course (students or lecturers) via a capture system on your computer, tablet or smartphone or by means of another device designed for this purpose, as well as visual supports (slides, texts, etc.). ) present on your computer, tablet or smartphone via the screen sharing option ("Content"), in order to achieve the objectives set forth in point 2.

Such use may be necessary in the context of teaching and related evaluations (exams and validations).

If you refuse to share the Content when using Zoom in the context of evaluations (exams and validations), you will not be able to take part in it.

If you do not wish to share the Content when using Zoom for meetings, conferences or certain lessons, you have the possibility to deactivate your webcam and microphone. In the event that the recording is made in the context of a classroom lecture, some of your personal data, such as your voice, may be recorded during any intervention that you may have in this context.

2. Purposes of processing

  • Assign access to virtual rooms ;
  • Allow to exchange with other participants;
  • Allow to present visual supports;
  • Identify and validate your participation to online events;
  • Allow the capture and monitoring of courses for students.

These different treatments are justified by a legal basis or by the accomplishment of public tasks of the UNIL (obtaining ECTS credits).

3. Sharing of data

A Zoom/UNIL administrators :

a. first name;
b. last name;
c. e-mail address;
d. Institution (University or High School to which they belong);
e. Membership in UNIL groups (only at Zoom);
f. profile picture (if filled in) (only to UNIL administrators)

To the owners of UNIL's Zoom virtual rooms and other participants present in the same virtual rooms as you :

a. first name;
b. last name;
c. image ;
d. voice ;
e. profile picture (if provided) ;
f. visual aids ;

This data is used for the above-mentioned purposes and is not sold to third parties (e.g. marketing).

The UNIL may disclose your personal data in the context of civil, criminal or administrative proceedings, at the request of an authority or to comply with a legal obligation.

4. Location and protection of your data

All data sent to and from the platform is encrypted and therefore not accessible in transit.
The personal data processed at the time of taking the courses are hosted at UNIL.
The personal data processed at the time of creating an account on Zoom may be stored in Zoom's data centers located in the United States of America, a transfer to which you have expressly consented by creating your account and which you can always renounce by closing your account. In this case, you understand that you will no longer be able to use Zoom's services.

5. Requests for access, modification or deletion of data

Send an email to:

Your profile picture can be freely modified or deleted in your profile.

6. Shelf life

Your personal data are kept by UNIL :

a. as long as access to the events (teaching, evaluations, meetings, etc.) to which you are registered requires it, and;
b. for persons registered with UNIL, for a maximum of one year after the date of your exmatriculation;
c. for UNIL staff, no later than one year after the expiry of your working relationship with UNIL;
d. for persons not registered at the UNIL, after a period of one year of non-use of the Zoom platform.

Personal data that are subject to administrative, civil or criminal proceedings, produced at the request of an authority or to comply with a legal obligation on the part of UNIL may, if necessary, be kept for a longer period of time.

7. Contact

Teaching Support Center
Anthropole Building
Suite 2126
University of Lausanne
1015 Lausanne