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Sensitive data on DCSR NAS

Since november 2023, new research projects should store their data using Tresorit. Please see the detailed documentation : 

Current user of the NAS DCSR RECHERCHE-S/Boxcryptor can continue to use this solution until June 2024.

Request a storage space for sensitive data

To request storage of sensitive data please go to the CI/DCSR "Demande de ressources de recherche" web page

and log in with your EDU-id account.

Click on "New request / Nouvelle demande"




Don't forget you want to work with sensitive data by selecting the appropriate option above.


This page allows you to select the options available at DCSR:

  • Storage resources
  • Computing resources
  • Computing resources for sensitive data


You will then receive a confirmation e-mail that your resource request has been accepted.

How to connect

Mount the NAS to your laptop

Mount the RECHERCHE-S volume of the NAS (see exact addresses below and documentation), and then use a security software to access your data (mandatory, see next section):

- On MacOS:


or directly:




- On Windows:


or directly:




Mandatory: access the NAS using Boxcryptor (security software)

Request a Boxcryptor password by sending an e-mail to with BoxCryptor password in the subject, you shall receive a temporary password to initialize the security software.

Then download and install the Boxcryptor from:

For Mac

1) Install it by dragging it to your applications folder


2) Confirm your installation by typing your workstation administrator password


For Windows

1) Double-click on the installer you just downloaded (e.g. Boxcryptor_v2.42.1333_Setup.msi)


2) Allow installation, accept the terms in the License Agreement and in the Privacy Policy and complete the installation

Start Boxcryptor and sign in with your UNIL e-mail and the Boxcryptor password you received from helpdesk:


You will have to change your password:


On MacOS:

Follow the wizard below to connect to your storage by selecting RECHERCHE-S (which should be already mounted before, see previous section):


Then, the Boxcryptor access to RECHERCHE-S will look like below. You can navigate to your data. A green symbol with a lock indicates a crypted file or folder. The full documentation can be found at :


On Windows:

The official documentation is here:

To have your mounted NAS location handled by Boxcryptor you must proceed as follows:

1. From the application tray, right-click on the Boxcryptor icon and select "Settings":


2. Then, in "Locations", select the drive on which you mounted RECHERCHE-S:


Finally, please refer to the official documentation in order to encrypt files and folders : to gain some understanding on how Boxcryptor works.

If you now open a FileExplorer you will see something like this:


You can navigate to your data. A green symbol with a lock indicated a crypted file or folder: