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Validate news or events

Users with write permissions in a channel have access to the validation of the different objects in their channel. Each news / event is assigned a status. Here is the list of existing statuses in the new system NewsUNIL:

  • To validate: Default status, the news is awaiting publication and does not appear in the websites.
  • Proposed: Status of an object proposed by another channel, or submitted by a person who does not have write rights in the channel

  • Online: Status after publication, appears on the various services (websites, public research, L’ACTU, L’AGENDA)

  • Offline: Status applies after the end of publication date for news. For events, the date of the event is applied.

Validation of a news


  1. A pellet indicates the number of items awaiting validation

  2. In the predefined lists, choose the menu “My validations”

  3. Status of item: TO VALIDATE or PROPOSED

  4. Show details to access the validation. Click the “Edit” button and choose the “View / Publish”

Validate an item with a status: TO VALIDATE


  1. Publication Information
  2. Click on “Publish” to publish the item
  3. View Item

Accept rejecting an item with a status: PROPOSED


  1. Status: PROPOSED
  2. Show detail allows you to view the item