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Adding news or events

Users with a write-right in one of the news channels can access news management from the “News / Events” tab


Ajouter une actualité/événement


  1. To add a news item simply click on the + button in the action area

Stages of the input workflow


  1. Stages of the input workflow
    1. Informations: Entering general information
    2. Contents: Entering news content
    3. Images/Videos: Addition of the mandatory image and a possible illustrative video
    4. Links/Files: Adding specific links or documents
    5. Visualisation/publication: Preview the object before publishing and add keywords
    6. Sharing: Sharing on social networks or proposal to other channels
  2. Actions to move around in the workflow
  3. Cancel the entry

Post a news


  1. Entering publication information (dates, keywords, authors and language)
  2. Actions
  3. Preview the object before publishing