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DCSR Software Stack

What is it?

The DCSR provides a software environment including commonly used scientific tools and libraries.

The software is optimised to make best use of the CPUs, GPUs and high speed Infiniband interconnect.

In order to create the environment we use the Spack package manager and Lmod.

Information on how to use the software stack can be found in our introductory course.

For information on the deprecated Vital-IT software stack please see here.

Release and lifecycle

Each year we provide a new release of the software stack which fixes versions for key tools and libraries - the new stack is put in production during the annual maintenance in early January and the previous release remains available for one year.

The versions for key components are given in the following table:

Year Release name GCC MPI Intel R Python CUDA
2021/2 Hêtre 9.3.0 MVAPICH2 2.3.5 2021.2.0 4.0.5 3.8.8 11.2
2022/3 Arolle  10.4.0 MVAPICH2 2.3.7  2022.1.0 4.2.1 3.9.13 11.6

Newer versions of tools may be made available during the year but the base versions will remain the default.


On Jura (sensitive data) cluster the stack is not loaded by default and must be activated with

source /dcsrsoft/spack/bin/setup_dcsrsoft