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Urblauna access and data transfer

Connecting to Urblauna

The Urblauna cluster is intended for the processing of sensitive data and as such comes with a number of restrictions.

All access requires the use of two factor authentication and outside of the UNIL/CHUV networks the UNIL VPN is required.

Note for CHUV users: in case of problems connecting to Urblauna please contact your local IT team to ensure that the network connection is authorised.

2 Factor authentication

When your account is activated on urblauna you will receive an email from that contains a link to the QR code to set up the 2 factor authentication.

To import the QR code you first need to install an application on your phone such as Google Authenticator or FreeOTP+. Alternatively desktop applications such as KeePassXC can also be used.

If you lose the secret then please contact us in order to generate a new one.

Web interface

As for Jura there is a web interface (Guacamole) that allows for a graphical connection to the Urblauna login node

To connect go to

You will then be prompted to enter your username and password followed by the 2FA code that you received


SSH interface

There is also SSH terminal access which may be more convenient for many operations. Unlike connections to Curnagl no X11 forwarding or use of tunnels is permitted. The use of scp to copy data is also blocked.

To connect:


You will then be prompted for your UNIL password and the 2FA code that you received as follows:

% ssh

( Password: 
( Verification code: 

Last login: Wed Jan 18 13:25:46 2023 from

[ulambda@urblauna ~]$ 

Please note that these are not the EduID password and 2FA code!

Data Transfer

STFP server

An SFTP server allows you to import and export data. To transfer data in:

sftp <username>

You will be prompted for your password and the two factor authentication code as for an SSH connection

You can then copy files as follows:

put mydata.fasta

get mydata.bam

Data is copied to/from your scratch directory ( /scratch/username ) and once there it should be moved to the appropriate storage space such as /data or /archive - please remember that the scratch space is automatically cleaned up.