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Running Busco

A Singularity container is available for version 4.0.6 of Busco. To run it, you need to proceed as follows:

$ module load singularityce
$ export SINGULARITY_BINDPATH="/scratch,/users,/work"

Some configuration files included in the container must be copied in a writable location. So create a directory in your /scratch, e.g. called "busco_config"

$ mkdir /path/to/busco_config

Then we copy the stuff out of the container to the newly created directory:

$ singularity exec /dcsrsoft/singularity/containers/busco-4.0.6 cp -rv /opt/miniconda/config/. /path/to/busco_config

Now we need to set the AUGUSTUS_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to the newly created and populated busco_config directory:

$ export AUGUSTUS_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/busco_config

Finally, you should now be able to run a test dataset from busco (see

$ curl -O

And launch the analysis. 
Note: in $AUGUSTUS_CONFIG_PATH you have a copy of the default config.ini used here, so you can copy, modify it and use it in the --config option in the following command:

$ singularity exec /dcsrsoft/singularity/containers/busco-4.0.6 busco --config /opt/miniconda/config/config.ini -i genome.fna -c 8 -m geno -f --out test_eukaryota

Then download the reference log:

curl -O

And compare to the one you generated.