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Urblauna (Romanche), or Lagopède Alpin in French, is a bird known for its changing plumage which functions as a very effective camouflage. More information is available at

It's also the name of our new sensitive data compute cluster which will replace Jura cluster.



The cluster is composed of 18 compute nodes of which two have GPUs. All have the same 24 core processor.

Number of nodes Memory CPU GPU
16 1024 GB 2 x AMD Epyc3 7443 -
2 1024 GB 2 x AMD Epyc3 7443 2 x NVIDIA A100

The GPUs are partitioned to create 4 GPUs each with 20GB of memory per node


The storage is based on IBM Spectrum Scale / Lenovo DSS 



For information on the DCSR software stack see the following link:

Slurm partitions


On Urblauna there are two partitions - "urblauna" and "interactive"