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Getting Started with OneDrive

Terms of Use

OneDrive is a service that is part of Microsoft's Office 365, the cloud solution. Therefore, you can refer to Microsoft's Cloud Solutions Terms of Use (in french).

In summary, work data can be stored on OneDrive, but it is prohibited to store sensitive data.

Service Description

OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud solution that allows you to store, synchronize, and share files. In particular:

  • Synchronize files between multiple computers.
  • Share files.
  • Collaborate on shared files as a group.

OneDrive is not a data backup solution. For this purpose, use our workstation backup service.

OneDrive is not an archiving solution. This service does not replace Document Management Systems (GED), NAS, etc. Refer to the rules of your service, institute, or faculty.

OneDrive is not a solution to synchronize your entire work environment. We strongly advise against syncing your entire user folder across multiple devices because, in addition to your data, this folder contains system-specific files. Syncing them will undoubtedly cause system failures, rendering your computer unusable.

OneDrive is not a lifelong solution. To access OneDrive, you must have a UNIL computer account. The closure of the UNIL account also results in the withdrawal of access to Microsoft's cloud solutions and, therefore, to OneDrive.

Management Tools (Access, Synchronization)

OneDrive allows you to access your files at any time from any device. For this, you have various solutions:

  • Use the web interface to view, add, and share your files.
  • Install a client program directly on the device (Mac, Windows, Linux). This program will synchronize your files.
  • Install an app on your mobile devices (Android, iOS) to view and download files (offline mode).

Synchronization works on the following principle: if you modify or add a file from one computer, the addition or modification will first be reflected on OneDrive and then, in a second step, on all your devices.

Available Space

Each user has 1TB of space.

Folders shared with you and folders synchronized from Teams or SharePoint are not counted in the calculation of used space.

Conflict Management

When OneDrive is used for teamwork, there is a real risk that a file may be simultaneously modified by multiple people. This kind of problem is called a "conflict".

If a file is opened only through Microsoft tools (Office software, Teams, or Office Online), there will be no conflict. People who have opened the file can edit it simultaneously. The presence of another person is indicated at the top of the page and in the text.

However, if the file is opened in another software (e.g., LibreOffice), OneDrive will not be able to manage collaboration. A mechanism is provided to handle such cases: if two people simultaneously edit a file, OneDrive will detect this and automatically create a copy of the file. Thus, the first person will work on the original file, while the second will work on the copy (named FileName-UserNameMachine). Both files will be saved in the system.