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Data Protection

Data Security

Storage Location

Dedicated Instance data storage
Data replication across multiple sites
Long-Term Storage (research, archives, etc.)

Conditions of Use

The conditions of use are currently being modified, and one should expect this section to evolve soon.

The conditions of use for OneDrive are the same as those for SWITCHdrive. For more information on the terms of use for Office products, refer to this page: Conditions of Use.

Public Data

Internal Data
Inter-Service Data
Confidential Data
Sensitive Data

Public (public data, article, webpage, etc.)
Internal (reserved for internal university use, not available on public websites)
Inter-Service (same as above, reserved for a specific department or faculty)
Confidential (document from management, HR, Finance, etc.)

Research Data

Research data stored on OneDrive/Teams for collaborative work must be subsequently moved to institutional resources. It must then be deleted from OneDrive/Teams.

UNIL recommends the use of institutional resources provided by the Division of Computing and Research Support (DCSR) for long-term storage of research data (see Article 8 of Directive 4.5 (in french)).

Server Storage

DCSR provides storage for each Principal Investigator (PI) in research projects. The service is free for storage up to 1 TB per PI.

Research Resource Request

Data transfer

DCSR also offers a service if you need to send data to external collaborators.

File Transfer

Help and Information

If you need assistance or additional information, you can contact the support personnel within your faculty:

For more information on research data storage, you can visit this page.