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Creating a new subchannel for my lecture

Create a new sub channel

1. You have the option of creating a sub-channel for each of the modules you teach.
Once you are logged in to your REC·UNIL account, click on Add a sub channel.


2. Give your sub channel a title (for example, the name of the module) and click on Add this channel at the bottom.


3. The new sub channel is now displayed in your main channel. You can also link this sub channel to your Moodle space.


Moving a media in a sub channel

1. To move a video to the sub-channel of your choice, find the video in your main channel, hover it with your cursos and click on "Edit" button that appears.


2. Then, in the Video Publishing Settings, go to the Parent Channel section and click Select Channel. Then select the relevant sub channel and save the changes. The video is now in the sub channel you selected.


Video tutorial: Channel management