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Option 1: Centralized request made by the Dean's office or the school management

If the Dean's Office of your faculty has chosen this option, here is the process what happens:

  • The faculty receives a file containing all the requests to reserve classrooms for teaching. This file corresponds to the requests encoded on the AIGS system for the reservation of classrooms.
  • The faculty completes the file for each course, indicating whether it wishes to have a recording and/or a live broadcast.
  • They send the file to by Tuesday, August 29, 2022.
  • The service helpdesk contacts each teacher and asks them to complete the necessary information via a form.
  • A confirmation is sent to each teacher regarding the recording of his or her classes.
  • A general confirmation for all the requests is sent to the dean's office of the faculty or to the director of the school that submitted the request.

For the Schools of Medicine and Biology, the procedure for the autumn semester is identical to that followed in the spring semester 2022.