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Type A lecture capture

Type A.png

The rooms below are equipped with "MIRIS - BOX" and a fixed camera with tracking of the teacher.

  • AMPHIMAX : MAX-350 ; MAX-351 ; MAX-410 ; MAX-414 et MAX-415
  • ANTHROPOLE : ANT-1031 ; ANT-1129 ; ANT-2024 ; ANT-2064 ; ANT-2106
  • BIOPHORE : Amphi 2914
  • BUGNON : big auditorium BU 9
  • CESAR ROUX :  Auditorium Delay ; Auditorium Demieville
  • CHUV : Maternity auditorium CHUV
  • GENOPODE : Auditoires A, B et C
  • GEOPOLIS : GEO-1612 ; GEO-1620 , GEO-1628
  • IDHEAP : AULA room
  • INTERNEF : NEF-263 ; NEF-273 ; NEF-271 ; NEF-272 ; NEF-275 ; NEF-237
  • SYNATHLON : SYN-1216
  • VORTEX : multipurpose room 

In these rooms, it is possible to broadcast live:

  • The video of the teacher (a camera system with automatic tracking of the teacher's movement is installed) and of what he/she writes on the board.
  • His/her projected course materials.
  • The sound of the room is also recovered.
  • Any other support on request (please contact us one week before the course so that we can set up the Miris-Boxes beforehand with new inputs).

In these rooms, the capture, recording and sending of the latter on the teachers' channel are automated via the management of an online calendar controlled by our Helpdesk team. The information needed for this management is requested by our helpdesk from each decanate and school management. 

If you teach in this type of room, here is the modus operandi to follow:

  • You connect your computer to the room's projector as usual.
  • The recordings are set to start 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of your class.
  • You stay 5 seconds at the same place to allow the camera to set its "auto-tracking" which will automatically follow your movements.
  • The link to the live stream of your class is available from the Media-Server block in your Moodle course space. This link is protected via LTI access, which means that only students logged into your course have access to it.
  • At the end of your course, the live stream will stop 5 minutes after the scheduled end time and your recorded lectures will be automatically processed before being uploaded to your personal channel and made available, pending validation of publication, as for the live stream, in the media server block of your Moodle course space.
  • Once you have approved these recordings for publication on your channel, they are available for your students to annotate or post comments and questions.

Here's a guide we've made available for your first steps: Type A capture guide (in french).

For students

Here is a video you can share to your students to show them how to attend a Type A lesson capture (in French).