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In September 2019, UNIL had set up a pilot project for the Bachelor 1 courses in Medicine which allowed to broadcast the courses live for the students who could not find a place in the Hamburger amphitheatre (the capacity of this room being exceeded due to the large number of enrolled students).

In July 2020, the University of Lausanne equipped itself with lecture capture equipment for a first series of classrooms in order to respond to the challenges imposed by the health crisis and the obligation to offer courses in a co-modal form. This installation took place within a very short time frame and in a very critical size that required a lot of effort from the different services mobilized (Ci, Unicom, CSE, etc.).


At present, the lecture capture system is still used in response to the constraints created by the health crisis, but a reflection is underway in order to give this course capture service a clear framework and a useful place in the future of our teaching. A consultation of the different actors will be launched in March 2022 in order to feed this reflection.