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Curnagl - 2022

Following the migration to the CCT datacenter there are a number of things that have changed that you should be aware of:

New login node

When you first connect to you will receive a warning that the host key has changed and you will  not be allowed to connect.

Please remove the old host key for in your .ssh/known_hosts (ssh-keygen -R file and reconnect .

The new login node is identical to the compute nodes (it is a compute node) but as previously it should not be used for running calculations.

New software stack

The slightly delayed 2022 DCSR software stack is now in production and includes more recent compilers as well as new versions of packages and libraries.

For more information see

The old software stack remains available although no new packages will be added to it.

To switch between software stacks there is the new dcsrsoft tool:

# Show which stack is being used

[ulambda@curnagl ~]$ dcsrsoft show
Running with Prod

# Switch to the 2021 stack

[ulambda@curnagl ~]$ dcsrsoft use old
Switching to the old software stack

# Switch to the unsupported Vital-IT software stack

[ulambda@curnagl ~]$ dcsrsoft use vitalit
Switching to the distant past

# Switch back to the 2022 stack

[ulambda@curnagl ~]$ dcsrsoft use prod
Switching to the prod software stack

The dcsrsoft command is a bash function and it should be executed on the fronted node. In order to use an old stack on a job, you need to execute the commands above before launching your job using sbatch.

More disk space

Soon the available disk space will be doubled with 2PB available for /work

More nodes

Once the migration is complete there will be an additional 24 compute nodes bringing the total to 96 machines of which 12 have 1TB of memory and 8 have A100 GPUs.